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registered dietitian nutritionist

Vanessa is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist based in the Greater Seattle area. She has over a decade of experience in weight management. She has created The Mastery of Habits for Weight Loss program, which is the ultimate guide to helping people learn how to work with their body and lose weight in a healthy and sustainable way. 

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My Mission

I’m here to educate others on how to improve their health and lose weight in a sustainable way. I’m passionate about teaching others how to adopt the healthy habits needed to lose weight and keep it off. I despise empty promises and overly restrictive diets. 

I’m a mom of 3 young kiddos. I live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. I’m a lifelong runner and marathons were what initiated my journey into nutrition. My husband and I love to travel and enjoy taking the kiddos along to follow the sunshine.

As I worked with clients in clinical settings over the years I realized that there was way too many crazy things my patients were being told about how to lose weight. Unreasonable diets recommended by doctors, fasting recommended by their friends, and little support to understand what might actually work for them and how to implement it. At times it seems like everyone is an “expert” in nutrition.

Sadly, these recommendations were often either unhealthy long-term or completely unsustainable. And inevitably any weight lost would just come right back. Working so hard to just regain the weight is incredibly frustrating and defeating!

My goal is to help you learn about nutrition; what your body needs and why. Then you can build eating and lifestyle habits that will nourish you for the rest of your life.

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